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Artifex Vs Worms And Other - And Asian Guilds (Alamat Aeon Axe/Ares)

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God Damnit , really nice Video Noki :O <3  ;D

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Nice video Noki :)


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I like it  :smiley:
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  • How is life this easy?


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horrible vid

don't blame me blame your country lol

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very nice video enjoyed eht
Last time Tyrants GvG'd Artifex (made them disband)
proof of disbanding
Last DT 9 Tyrants vs 100 Artifex
mage v mage tournament

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Nice video Noki =)

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very nice video enjoyed eht

glad u liked it fmp

Nice video Noki =)

ty mr i go to the gym and screw pk

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horrible vid

use proxy/vpn to see it

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use proxy/vpn to see it

funny thing is 1 sad remix that i got from youtube at the last moment .___.