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Whatever char I log I am winner

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Easi my team winnered xD xD gf  and good video brother

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Easy ea drop 123 :c  :rolleyes: nice vid  :-[

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Lol haha Pedja the Brave haha lol

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LOOOOOL good video

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The video clearly needs more Pedjajajajajajaja.  :-[
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The video clearly needs more Pedjajajajajajaja.  :-[
It's never enough of me. :normal-29:

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Looked like fun pk, I always miss it  :'(


You need lessons

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Bad and rejected as always.  :normal-8:

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Job interview :-
mr. X- may i come in sir?
BOSS- yea sure
BOSS- ur name??
mr. X - x x
BOSS- tell me smthing abt you
mr. X- i'm epic wr, name xxx, and i'm old player abt this game..
BOSS- wht??
BOSS- whts ur qualification??
mr.X- i'm pro stun locker,
BOSS- where u from??
mr.X- everywhere, whn guild Sign
BOSS- ur hobby??
mr.X- trashtalk everytime

fun and come bck irl

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P.S - i didn't post any kind of name,
post name urself

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wow lol heheh nice tho

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Now i have to rename my next video :((((

Nice video doe

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