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Channels featured:
Sab        tinyurl.com/SabPW
Marius    tinyurl.com/SkriLLexWubWub
Brade     tinyurl.com/ArtisticGamingPulse
Cody      tinyurl.com/PrizzyTheGod
Labz       tinyurl.com/LabibSaleh
Bill          tinyurl.com/Tripodas7

Other channels to check out:
Lord and savior LSSJ tinyurl.com/King-Mihai
noob                         tinyurl.com/MuffinManEPW
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Swag + Yolo all

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Really nice video. Nice work white African.

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Awsome video Brent , enjoyed it ,the editing and music sure made it different =)

Good to see all the same numbers pk's we won , was easy tbh.

oh ...before i forgot ... " LOL" ...ahahaha fcking Kermo..
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very nice video, good music like always

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Very enjoyable, great video ^^

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Very nice vid, Artifex #1 guild ^^

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great video, factor guild and factor comment :P

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Aw that was adorable.

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Best   :tiger-48:
Kermo LOL

J.  ♥

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Is this released in cinemas? OP soundtrack ;)

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great vid enjoyed the music

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Fak you Brent, skype officer chat spy.

EDIT: Moderate the language on the Forum please. Thanks.
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Fak you Brent, skype officer chat spy.

Thanks to the artists that allowed me to use their videos.

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this was way too emotional   :normal-12: :normal-12:

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