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I got v81 and downloaded the patch 82-85 but ionno how to use it ? sorry newbie.

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Welcome to EPW c:

Open the patcher in your EPW folder (EPW Folder>Patcher>patcher.exe)
Select Manual.
Find where you saved the manual patch.
*Abrakadabra* should hopefully work.

Let me know if you have any further problems ^.^

♥ Love and will miss you guys ♥
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There's no patch that would update version 81,  it is pre New Horizons. The only way to update the game would be re-downloading the client, preferably via torrent.


IF you have a 1.5.1 New Horizons client (ONLY 1.5.1 works, not 1.4.8 or earlier!) you should be able to manually patch your client to EPW. Here's a guide explaining how, step-by-step.

IF you do not have a 1.5.1 client then I would download the new client from either Mediafire (if you have a fast enough connection) or torrent (if you don't have a fast enough connection.)

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DL the v82-85 5x and i got file corrupted guess gonna torrent it but damn 3 days :(

Thanks Agatio HealerTid and Melody.

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If it says the file is corrupted do how i did:
Run the patcher as admin , wait it to load , click on manual patch , select the .cup patch from the forum , and wait