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Xpendable the big daddy of EPW is back today 22 June and is recruiting for a short period. Apply at http://pwxpendable.shivtr.com/

Edit: No dogs allowed to comment.



Welcome back. PK live again?

Offline Harry

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Aeons / Alamat, time for you to die...


Aeons / Alamat, time for you to die...
you are funny xD

Offline Harry

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you are funny xD

Thank you Naeem!

I wish you luck with next few weeks, because I am nice! lol!

Offline Maxy

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wow best guild back


lol Alamat > Xpendable bb XP

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lol finally xD best guild is back

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I apply my ep master swane

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Nice , i actually miss you guys haha is fun to pk vs you , good players good pk o/ , welcome back  :police:

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omg how was exam gaiz xDDDDD
are we passed all ?


Nice, finally some factored PK again.

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Welcome back to the server xpendable

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Welcome back,hopeful you all passed exams (: hehehehehehehehehehehehehe