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Funny youtube vids xD

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Blueberry crossed with White Widow. Covered head to toe in crystals and hairs, and smells very strongly like a freshly baked blueberry muffin (with a hint of skunk :smiley: ). Definitely in the top 5 smokes I've ever had, a bong rip or two will have even the most seasoned toker feel like he's on Mars.

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Mexican comedy ? o:
Ravensss yoo -___-t


This is one of those videos that is my absolute favourite, but upon showing it to my peers, I question why.

Of course, upon later private viewings my love is rekindled.

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Funny stuff o_o

Love the "I wanna be keeping you, worm" part xD

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Jeff is just BEST
Tiny But Deadly



Jellyfish, hahahaha xd.

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So being a mega nerd, I tend to browse youtube often. I have some favorite youtubers and videos so I thought id make this topic and show you some of my favorite vids and funny stuff

Feel free to post your funny youtube(doesnt have to be pw related) here aswell!

Ill post more here probably xD
Coffee!<33 i love you just for loving pewds:">

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I'd rather be hated for who i am, than be loved for who i am not.

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I'm' sorry but I found this hilarious, sad and I feel sorry for the guy, but, still hilarious


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  • is adorable. ❤