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And the Gold gain changed from 90 silver to 125 silver. More than before even though you can vote on one of the links every 12 hours.

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but there u can also see the votes were increased.
that is something we cannot control, the voting websites, if they wanna use those weird captchas or not :/
now you can get 3.75G each 12hours, before was 3.60G, so its better a bit now xD

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 Ahhh, Thank you humble Sensei

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1st link= every 6h = in 12h u vote 2 times that means 2,50 gold
2nd link= every 12h = in 12h u vote once that means 1,25 golds
in total we get ------------------------------------------------- 3,75 golds
With the old way, we were voting each link, 2 times/12h, that means 1,80 golds once, 2times= 3,6 golds in 12h
We just got 15 silvers more every 12h.