Epic Perfect World

Artifex vs many guilds

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Noki, that music gave me a headache.

You know noob gameplay only! :c

Offline Drive

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That cover chat
I got distracted by it. :-[

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I see my self in the video... Ty for making me factored player noki lol..
Awesome video and that was good pk...  Looking forward for more decent pk like this.

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Much fun pk, and much fun video.  :normal-42:

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wтғ ιѕ υp wιтн pĸ oɴ/вeѕιde нιllѕ lαтely D: ѕo αɴɴoyιɴɢ. ѕтιll wαѕ ғυɴ тнo - тy ғor pĸ, ɴιce vιd

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Pedro's face completely ruined this pvp video

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wtf after very long time i actually watched pk vid here.

10 points for not adding 5 min long intro or w/e crap. Good music and sexy pic blocking chat  :police:
1 point for making vid speed 10x faster.
pitsid, saun, jupid, triibud
kingikotis katkine viiul


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 :normal-2: :normal-2: :normal-2:

But that party ... omg

and that music though

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Nice Music  :normal-43:
Nice Vid, fun pk  :monkey-47:

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Enjoyable pk and video , Sexy Box chat tho  :police:

Offline Xia

Sexy Box chat tho  :police:

Could have used the recent one from paris tho.  ;)

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Noki and Pedro got me :(

                                                       Nobody better.

Offline Xia

Noki and Pedro got me :(

You loved it. Admit it.

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lol nice pk vid, interesting music  ;) fun to watch
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