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Hey Guys! So below is a list of items that i want to buy in constant capacity. so yeah...Happy Shopping! :D


Rapture Crystals - 2EC

Level Scrolls - 8EC

Event Tokens/450 Seals - 110EC

Mystical Elixers - 5EC


Arena Sets AA/LA/HA - 5EC A Piece Or 40EC For a 10 piece set (Not Including Weapon)

Chrono Pages - 5EC >Limited Stock<

Cannies - 1EC Will Also Trade 2 Cannies For 1 Rapture

Genies 100-110LP - 100EC

I should be able to buy any of these in most quantities at any time. You can message me ingame on Talented if you wish to trade, Or you can mail the item to me and expect payment within 24 hours. IF for whatever reason i cannot afford the item, it will be mailed back.

However i understand that the mailing seems like a scam so if you wish to trade ingame that is fine also ^^

Thankyou very much! I will update this every couple of days with other items i am buying aswell as a few items i shall be selling!
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how many raps, to be exact? I could get like, 3-10k.