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The word "Random"

Seriously.....people... seriously.... where did you get this word to insult others from I've seen alot of people calling others "where this random come from" "random person" random this random that" seriously.... LAST time i checked i think not even the GMs has sit all next to each other and drink a cup of tea talking about their life So even them cant call other people random because they are themselves .LAST time i checked everyone here is a random person because no one knows each others i doubt  anyone here is famous outside the game so what makes you call other people "Random"? you played pwi for 5 years you were good and now you call people random like if you were as famous as Bill Gates. I just love these type of people thinking they are like famous because they play a game and they are better than others......I just don't get why people cant stick to the old word "noob"  :-\

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Oh,don't tell me you take that seriously :').
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What no its the other way around i found it very funny i learnd about that word when i came to this server 6 months ago i just dont get it why call people random for.

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 I got a better question for you , what makes you think ppl that played pwi for 5 years are good? lol
No idea just a wild guess xD

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who is this random?
who is this random?
randoms everywhere right quinn


I don't understand why anyone even gets offended on this game lmao. Stop taking things so seriously
I don't understand why anyone even gets offended on this game lmao. Stop taking things so seriously
shut up random ;3

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Why do you even take it seriously random person i don't know.

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Too many randoms in this thread.

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what was the purpose of this thread

to promote the use of "noob" over "random"?

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Random thread o.o

Oh,don't tell me you take that seriously :').

I don't :c

There's nobody better.

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So it bothers you to be called a random..
Okay  :normal-1:
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