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Hi guys! Do I still need to download PWI to play EPW??
I just finished downloading EPW but it still needs to be patched, then I read the topic on how to "update" to the latest version and it said I needed to copy the files from EPW to replace the files of PWI.
Tell me it's not true and I dont need to wait like another 2-3days to download PWI T_T (cause Im still a student, so, yeah 12 hours worth of downloading goes up to 2-3days spent

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you don't need to c:

just download epw then patch it

maybe cross ur fingers that there wont be corrupted files


oh and

the update thing, the patch/files already have the latest update

no worry
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And as a finishing touch, God created the dutch.

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thanks :smiley:! gave me chills there  :-X