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Its been a long time since last video, a bit rusty but actualy enjoyed this pk a lot.

Dont like dont watch :)

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great vid harp  8) Was really nice PK <3
Dont teach me how to play my char, coz i already know that...

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How can someone know if they like it or not if they have not watched it? Nice logic.

Preemptive dislike, take your flame elsewhere

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game play 9.1/10

music 8/10

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Artifex.. No words for how stupid they are.

Good video.

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Artifex.. No words for how stupid they are.

? what ? are u mad 4 something ? i invite you to my home we drink some tea and we talk about it  :)

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Wow looked fun I woulda came but I dislike sp pk for some reason very ugly pk spot xD

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Signature by Rumi.

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7:31  im good you all suck