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Artifex Vs Ducks & GA Vs Salvation Vs Concept 13-06-2014

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Posting for a friend :)

Enjoy the video ,ty
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nice video cody :d
I don't care what you think about me, cause i don't think about you at all _!_

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nice video cody :d

TacoHealPapi Likes this

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Good pk.  Thanks for share ^^

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Only one ep, is this really TheMuffinMan?

Great video of fun pk.  :normal-42: :normal-4:

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I had to go afk a couple of times in this pk because SICK. Good pk though

There's nobody better.

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factor video, factor gameplay,.....!!

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4αм pĸ ғтw, тy wαѕ ғυɴ. vιdeo тoo loɴɢ, мαĸe ιт ғαѕтer 

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4αм pĸ ғтw, тy wαѕ ғυɴ. vιdeo тoo loɴɢ, мαĸe ιт ғαѕтer 
Yup 4 am and we're still playing at that time.. I think we need a hobby.
I felt sorry for our ep having to take care of this squad. Now I call dibs on her.
Those eyes, those eyes I'll always remember, the ones that lit the embers that destroyed the world I knew..

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Nice video,

more plis

ok ty

 :tiger-50: :tiger-50: