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Epw Promo Video

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Thanks everyone :3

And i used a mixture of Windows movie maker, Clip Cutter and Animoto. :0
oki, am i the only one who sees it laggy? O.o (not trying to say anything bad just checking)
Who touched ma noodels? >.<

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i want to see many PPL killing each other on the video

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i want to see many PPL killing each other on the video

Well i am killing my guildie in it .... is it not enough ?
JK ... This video needs more PVP and PK
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  • panties ftw!!!! lmfao
duuude relax u did gr8 on the vid looks gr8 and nice music if u ever need help on making more just pm me in game im mostly on 1 of 3 characters Sedrick (Barb) , Grim_Reaper (BM) or JeffLord (Seeker)
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Korn as the main song = automatic +100000 from Legit.
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Good video,It showed all needed to be showed

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I like it, it looks pro.
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  • UMadTurds!!D:

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maybe adding a scene of a TW going on would be a decent addition, such as 1 faction on a crystal defending it or attacking it. where it says "Faction vs Faction In TW/Pk"

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  • It's like boss loaf soaked in dude soup.
I think it has character.  ;D

roses are red
violets are blue
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