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Ducks promo video

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As the title says, it's a guild promo video made by king_saw and I'm posting it for him  :normal-4: Hope you'll enjoy it
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Awesome man... good job duckies.. keep it up.


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aww that was cuute
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I guess everyone was on my profile :$ 

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I like that promo.

There's nobody better.

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Aw, loooooooved iiiit

Wew, Good Luck!

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Best video ever! love the work Ducks, keep it up.


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 :normal-4: join us

good job btw.  :tiger-48:

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Great job i liked the promo

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Those duck flyers.....they've seen some sh*t while being in the faction O.o

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Whoaa! coooool
i ve seen it too many times alrdy

ducks.shivtr.com  8)

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Great job king and everyone!!!

Even rebels xD

Was really fun  :tiger-40:

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 i gonna join cuz of wild ladies :-[

Offline Xia

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Pretty nice. I like it. :)
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Well done.I approve. :-X
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