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Patcher wont load

Offline celanzen

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This has always happened. I would launch the patcher and it would load but i would just go into the folder and launch the client and play the game that way but now i cant do that no more( for stupid reasons unknown) and i cant play the game period...soo yeah I need help on what the hell to do cause its really annoying.

Offline Fluzzy

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Try re-downloading the patch and installing it, if that wont work then honestly try re-installing your client o-o I cant really help more than that with the current information given, does the client/launcher give any errors?

Offline Üpgrayedd

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Do not launch patcher - launch "launcher". With some updates, it is required to update patcher itslef before patching or proceeding. However, I cannot help you further, due to the lack of info.