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As 2x nears an end I am in a panic to get all my treasure maps done.  Unfortunately and suddenly all my maps on my quest log turned blank.   this is terrible can someone please tell me what to do about it. I have restarted my client, my laptop and network just cover all my bases with no change.   Please help.

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I only experienced this on one map. I thought the X Mark was beyond the quest map but turned out in the middle..

At the moment, what you can do is use a 15m/s mount or 13.0 flight, roam around the quest map until your minimap gets the pulsing blue/green light. From there you should be able to get to the yellow and red pulse and hopefully the treasure.


Relog completely and force log back into your account.

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I have restarted my client, my laptop and network just cover all my bases with no change.
My maps glitch like this every time I do them, and a simple client restart always works. I don't understand why a restart didn't work for you.
Do you have a screenshot of the glitch?

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Well its nothing to panic about happens to me also from time to time .
Sometimes a simple relog the toon helps sometimes not ,then i usually reboot client.Bur sometimes that wont work either .The thing that has not failed me yet is rebooting the client and going on another account just for a min or 2 ,just do a strange stone on low alt or take another map from sharp spear.Then log back on the account i was doing maps on and the bug bugs me no more.

hope it helps