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Story i wrote from boredom

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The sun slowly rose over the forest greeting the leaves with its ever embracing rays of light. The birds sang into the deep forest waking up everyone that had been asleep for the night. High in a tree nested a resting a tiger as he listened from above with his seemingly limitless territory that spanned as far as the eye could see. the self proclaimed tiger king slowly awoke from his slumber and let out a roar that echoed though out the forest. The birds and insects hushed as his roar drowned out any that dare oppose it without a slight hesitation. The tigers radar like ears picked up a strange disturbance deep in his territory. He lept down his ascended throne with care as he landed quietly in the bushes for the sounds were not of the forest. The tiger began to dash closer deep in his forest to hunt the opposing threat that dared to challenge his markings. The sound grew louder as the tiger passed through the brushes gliding across the forest floor in a mad dash no longer attempting to hide his mighty presence. He rushed and quickly scaled a tree and hid in the leaves as he spotted his opposition walking along an open field. An innocent human woman was laying in the grass playing with her friends. the tiger carefully observed these strange creatures with much keen interest attempting to analyze if they were friend or foe.

one spoke "pass the ball to me".

The tiger saw five figures playing with a circular object that he couldn't understand what it was, he kept hidden for he felt another presence was watching these creatures as well. The presence made his fur recoil stand up for only one threat could challenge his reign in this forest and the feeling of fear, excitement, and blood lust slowly climbed up the tiger's spine with a firm hold on his shoulder.
The tiger stayed quiet searching for his rivals to appear as he knew they were aware of his presence in the area as well. a kid threw the ball into the woods accidentally while they played. one of them ran off to fetch the ball. the moment the kid rustled in the bushes the Tiger's opponent jumped out in front the kid with speed and deadly precision aiming straight for his newfound prey.
the Tiger pushed forward sailing through the air knocking down his shadowy opponent with near perfect aim as well.

The kid screamed "Werewolf Werewolf run back to the village!".
The Tiger lept back out the bushed already picked up several more werewolves gliding through the bushes waiting for the fearful kids to panic and rush. The kids attempted to rush back home. The tiger jumped in front of them to stop them from running home and falling prey to the already set up trap by his opponents two werewolves bolted out aiming for the panicking kid as their screams were a sweet melody to them. The tiger put all his weight on his front paws and spun using his tail to hit both of them back leaving a deep gash on both of them as they hit the ground. The kids panicked even more and tried to bolt in random directions. The tiger kept them together to the best of his ability, herding them together like a graceful sheep dog with a flock of sheep.
one kid spoke "Why is this tiger cornering us?"
one girl screamed "leave us alone monster!"
 The tiger roared at them as he kept circling them keeping them closely together while keeping his senses honed on the pack leader who was hiding wanting them to run.
Another kid cried "what is this tiger doing?"
 The tiger eyes locked onto one of the kids speaking to him that they need to stay here or they will die for there were 2 more out there in waiting for them. The other werewolves that were hit began to recover from that tail whip and let out a menacing smile as their tongues licked along their mouths. Their taste for human flesh filled their minds.
the kid who understood the tiger spoke "guys we have to stay here and trust this tiger!"
"Why should we?"
"He is keeping us together to eat us!"
"No he keeping us here to protect us!"
the tiger nodded in agreement then turned to his two recovering targets. His fur puffed out as he roared loudly. The two werewolves met his roar with the same blood thirst intensity. The tiger kept close to the kids and kept his intimidating roars up hoping they would back down. The two kept coming closer and circling the group of kids and tiger. Their faces showed an insidious mockingly laughter while they licked their mouths. The tiger rushed at one of them leaving the kids to be exposed to the other who bolted at one of the kids. The tiger quickly changed and easily met the attacker with blinding speed and struck its neck digging his fangs deep at its weak point forcing him to the ground. The tiger pulled as hard as it could with its mighty jaws as the head popped off its owners body. the other rushed in while the tiger was distracted and its claw came near the kids who screamed and closed their as the shadow approached them. The kids opened their eyes to see the tigers back legs had met its claw and managed to repel it back knocking the werewolf off balance as it stumbled back. The werewolf backed away and called for its two friends to pop out the woods. They didn't emerge no matter how much their brother called. He was left to fend for himself as their eyes were locked on to the kids with images of the feasting that they would have once they lied dead. The tiger recoiled back towards the kids knowing that the other two would rush in the moment he killed the other one.
The other two reached out of their hiding places and blitzed the group of kids from two different angles. The tiger dug its hind claws into the loose soil and kicked it up blinding one of them as the dirt flew in its eyes. The second one was greeted by the tigers claws and fangs while the third rushed at the tiger's backside hoping to kill it in one strike. The tiger was unable to dodge it so it focused on overpowering its current opponent. The tiger locked claws with the 2nd one struggling to push him down but they were equal in might and stalemated. the third ones claws came up to hit the tiger's rib cage. The tiger braced for the impact as he struggled with its current opponent and couldn't move. A rock screeched thought the air and smashed into the third werewolves face causing him to stumble and fall to the ground. The tiger rushed in with its fangs as the current attacker left an opening striking his neck and overpowered him to the ground. The kids kept picking up rocks and threw it at the other two werewolves to buy the tiger time to kill the current assailant.

The tiger snapped the werewolves neck efficiently and roared an intimidating roar at the other 2 werewolves. The tiger battle fatigue began to show as he began to pant from this long battle but kept it hidden from his opponents. The tiger lept at the still blinded one and pushed him to the ground. The other werewolf slashed at the tiger's back and dove in with his fangs extended. The tiger changed targets and aimed at the neck of the werewolf as their fangs bit deep into their opponents flesh locking their jaws as they dared not to move away from each other.

The tiger gave a sharp tug hoping to rip out the wolfs throat quickly but the wolf moved its neck to lessen the injury. The other werewolf's vision began to return as it moved away from the tiger and shook the last of the irritation from its eyes. The tiger puts its paws and used its strength to push away from the werewolf attempting to rip his throat again. The werewolf kept tugging at the tigers back preventing him from getting close as the pain shocked the tiger from moving. The other werewolf rushed with its claws fully extended and dove headfirst into their dead locked struggle. The tiger couldn't avoid it and the other werewolves claws dug into the tigers side gravely wounding him,In a final tug the tiger ripped the throat of the wolf. The tiger managed to kill the werewolf but was unable to move against its last opponent. The kids grew fearful as the werewolf hacked and slashed at their savior until he lied motionless in a pool of his own blood.

The final werewolf slowly walked to the kids who began to cower and scream for noone was left to save them. The tiger quickly struck at the werewolf's hind leg with its fangs injuring its leg before getting slashed in his head killing him instantly. The werewolf limped closer knowing it had conquered the king of the jungle. The werewolf licked its fangs and moved closer to the panicking kids that were to fearful to move. When it got within striking distance a gun shot was heard. The werewolf fell backwards for it had been hit in the head. The villagers rushed to save their little ones. The kids rushed away from their parents and cuddled the dead tiger as they cried over its dead body. The clear sky began to be covered by clouds as if the heavens began to weep over the death of the brave tiger that saved the nameless kids.

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  • I have a lifetime’s worth of technical expertise. I wasn’t born you see my mother simply chose the ‘eject child’ option from the special menu.
tell me what you guys think of it

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sith, post it in the written works thread  :normal-37: http://epicpw.com/written-works/

and when are you coming back to EPW?

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  • I have a lifetime’s worth of technical expertise. I wasn’t born you see my mother simply chose the ‘eject child’ option from the special menu.