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TT boxes

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emm easy suggestion i have like legit 4k tt boxes that drop dragon stone fs coins what ever and i onli can open 40 per day ? can u like legit change it to open theam all  at once or change theam for ec in 1 npc cuz is like 4 ever to open all those...

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There's a reason for the limit, it's so people don't spam it all day, everyday, loosing out on most boxes if they spam it everyday alot of times.
As for opening them all at once, that can't be done since there's a chance to get two different things.

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Just make them tradeble 1:1
1 box= 1 ec...?


You can only open 30 a day, I believe that's hard coded into the game too.

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It's limited so we don't spam farm. But you can let your other 20 toons pick them up.

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lf a real reply not player with no idea ... plz

Just make them tradeble 1:1
1 box= 1 ec...?

the onli guy with a good idea