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Supply Tokens Guide

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Getting Supply Tokens
I noticed that there was no guide for farming Supply Tokens and a lot thought NW and BH was the only way to get Supply Tokens.



The main objective of the guide was to show that ST is farmable without NW.
Ascending robe and ring = 500 ST + 15 SoW
The SoW can be farmed on alts through BH.

The 500 ST can easily be farmed in a few days.
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Can someone create new forum and ingame rank called 'King' and grant Ryuboo that? Thanks


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i vote Steroids for GM or Support. ty
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great guide ty

getting ST is not as hard as I thought and since I don't have enough time for doing all these stuff (and wish either) I do only two of those, stones of madness and spring one

it's 1 ST in 4 days

not bad I'd say, especially for a light player like me

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Awesome guide sir. 10/10 would be guided again!

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Nice guide maxy. Steroids for GM.

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Am I the only one who gets the shard's image when clicking on Goshiki's guide?  :'(

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 Maxy you Bh nub.

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"It's a quest chain, not really that big" Not really that big my ass, it was nearly as long and boring as Goshiki :'(
The cute 'empire' hit a new dirt low level :D

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"It's a quest chain, not really that big" Not really that big my ass, it was nearly as long and boring as Goshiki :'(
Goshiki isn't really long though. Nothing compared to Deja Vu.

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Great guide boss :smiley:

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thanks for this guide maxy.. hope its added to list of guides ..if done already thanks again..

Happy gaming - <3 Ducks :)

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Well done guide.
I did not even know there are this many ways to get ST'S.