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EPW Patch v85 is live!

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Thank you for your patience, patch is now live!
2x drop and exp has been activated for the next 3 days.

> Patch notes
> Manual patch

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Patch notes

Territorial Wars map has been reseted.

Item related:

* 10 new flights (+2 more from previous events) - screenshots
* 1 new mount
* 33 new weapon fashion skins (19 weapon models and 14 for coins)
* 7 new fashion sets for female and 7 for male (including hairstyles)
* 11 new t-shirts   -  screenshots
* 2 new all class pets (+3 more from previous events)
* around 70 new custom titles - can be obtained from new NPC - Title Manger found in Archosaur, Thousand Streams and City of Lost
* A lot of new pet skills have been added to the Zoologist (Teach Your Pet Skills option)

Fixes and improvements:

* Issue with one-time Arcane Sky X and Mirage Sky I unique chest rewards fixed
* Absence Note will be available from the Unique Chest once a week
* Monthly Rewards for daily check-in have been increased: 3 Event Tokens, 30 Sutra Powder Orbs, 10 Iron Ridgeknife and Chaser of Moon shoes
* Players can now acquire War Avatar Champion title (gold colour font) by crafting S+ card for 12 Flowsilver Coins each. S+ cards have removed white stats.
* Flowsilver Coins can be now exchanged into Dragon Blood Stones (1 FsC = 5 DBS)
* Gold Frostcovered City mats can be now converted into experience at Martial Arts Master
* Making boss cards at Land's Elder in OHT will require 8x less clicks

* Price of Ancient Emblems lowered to 5 Supply Tokens
* Price of Weapon Tokens lowered by 50 Supply Tokens
* Price of Holy and Mystical pills has been lowered by 50%
* Flight Token flights can be now upgraded to +10.5 m/s at Flight NPC
* Required contribution for faction trials lowered back to 800.
* Auction House can now sell New Horizons items

* Mount and Pets NPC can now hatch and revert pet eggs directly
* Event Gold icon changed to make it different from 10 Event Gold item
* Artifact quests removed since they serve no purpose at the moment
* Divine Orders of the Void can be now bought at Materials Storage Vault for required contribution - this needs to be looked into again
* Void Panther Speed fixed and is now 15 m/s again
* Experience Jade description now will properly state that item gives 1m exp upon usage
* Firespirit droprate for Original Light in Hidden Dragon Den has been increased 5x
* Faction icons updated

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Agito , need one link alternative for donwload the parcher D:


Very exciting stuff  :police:

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Very exciting stuff  :police:

I agree.
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thank you very much !!
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Any screenshot link for the fashion?

Thank you
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Oooooh yeah.
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You will know exactly where to find me.
lol so many will be like u im sure  :))

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Thank you for the patch. Now excuse me while I dash over to this Title Manager.

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