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Which look for my Veno

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So I was being bored and spent 2 hours customizing xDDD I want to know your opinion :) Should I keep old look(foxie) or new look (deer)? :) Can't really decide :/
Thanks for help! :)

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I can't tell from the angles of this picture.
Can you show the mini picture along with front close up and front far away angles? (:
From the ones you showed the fox looks better.
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If you weren't smart enough to appreciate the first one, then you deserve the second one.

Relax, it was just a joke. :)

Second one is not so bad, considering you are doing this for the first time.
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I like the second one.
The first one is cute aswell. But i prefer non standart Ini's  :P

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I like the foxie one (first). Somehow for me veno is not a veno without a tail!  :tiger-43:

But maybe with 2nd hair color :)

Also suggestion: make lvl1 char and keep changing ini until you make perfect one and then save the preset to use on your original char. It saves bunch of time coz u dont have to use makeover scrolls for first few days.

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Oh wow :D And I didn't use any ini coding yet :D I was just bored and had extra makeover scroll. Don't worry, I saved the first one so I can just switch back xP Thank you all!

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# 1 is my favorite :3
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I like 1st one better.