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error please need help

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ok here is the thing i downloaded the game from the torrent and i extracted it and opened the launcher and waited for the update and verify and everything and i disabled the auto update and after everything is good i pressed start and got this weird message says:

        The program can't start because FTDriver.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

i though it was DirectX problem when i remembered that i already installed DirectX 9 before, so is it because it is directX 9 do i need newer version or what is that ????. Any help will be appreciated thanks..

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Extract this file in your EpwDirectory >  Element Folder > FTDriver.dll

you could just add me on skype cause you"ll need more files i suppose.

Edit :  Solved.

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I have a situation if you guys can assist me I'm stuck at login screen because the game account register page is offline ? How can I register to play

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this link should be the one to register, its working for me and not off :/