Epic Perfect World

Epic Perfect World - The Break | Assassin PvP

Thanks for watching and ofcourse enjoy

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 :normal-3: nice Video bro i love the music xD :)

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I only watched about 3 mins let me say what I saw, best pvp players (wow it's goona be awesome movie) xpen ( what? ) then I saw a sin with a cleric in squad ( ana_ she is really good person btw hi ana :) ) ok the sin started 2 atk groups which they r fighting 2 each other ( ok maybe it's first of movie he will show good pvp and fun ones ) then I saw he only goes to the middle of groups like a  PARASITE and try's to kill ppl, with awesome cleric support , when those ppl wanted to kill him cleric supports him when he sees not its serious he goes stealth, so I decided to don't waste my nets gb thing on this movie, it was my opinion , ty.
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factor sin - factor video - sad guild - but stil factor serbian

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King sin, good music :normal-42: :normal-42: Snoop is goodie

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Good video and music
King sin, good music :normal-42: :normal-42: Snoop is goodie
best music

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The vid is awesome! .. but the music!!!....INCREDIBLE you have excellent taste in music Sir....ijs...


Good sin, bad gameplay, clown guild, best intro. Serbija do Tokija   :normal-25:
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still not zFlashx level

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Nice video zFlashx's cheerleader

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Nice video as always + perfect music choices.
Sad sin and game play.  :-[

Good job.  :normal-4: :normal-42:

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Nice gameplay of the Krillin ini user.


say ty for bumping your thread

lol jk lol undisputed performance by top sin unconsciously beatin saddies to a pulp

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Good video original factor sin.

There's nobody better.