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Newbie question again,about commission shop

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I tried to open my commission shop for the first time in my life.Buy open shop from gift npc,talk to fat npc first choice,select that open shop item,choose material put Devil'wood x 55 in assume 1m per unit. It look ready to me. Close menu,talk to fat npc again my item still sale (I guess, i don't known cause never open shop) then I off line. After sometime I online,check that fat npc my Devil'wood are gone. And It's not in my bag too. So where is it?

Sorry,I just play this game 2-3 days.

Offline Neve

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Did you check Store Managment and then the Tab "Warehouse"?
My guess would be someody bought your Devilwood and if so you should find the money in your Warehouse. Just hit "withdraw" and the money will be in your inevntory.
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Like Neve said, anything that you sale from your commission shop goes to your warehouse. So if you sold all 55 wood for 1m each you should have 55m (5 bank notes and 5mil coin) in your warehouse tab. Just click withdraw all to retrieve it.