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Gear Signature on Flights

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OK, I'm suggesting this because I hate seeing someone's name on my equips, and I am not like other players who can attend events every time so I can't craft my own event items.. I only buy them with EC..

So, is it possible if we can put signatures to flights too, especially the event ones?.. I hope you'll look into this..

Thank you
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Offline Danidv

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I think that'd be too hard to do for Agatio, so PWI would have to do it first. If he was able to do it alone i'm guessing he would'ave done that already.


i would like this but idk if it's possible or not, either way +1

Offline Ky

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+1 if it's possible i guess

Offline csenger41

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Sounds good if possible.

Offline Agatio

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It's technically not possible at the moment.

Offline Ky

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It's technically not possible at the moment.

we just got rekted
maybe add option to recraft flights at the event forge to make every single person happy.