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Start play today,Is it normal that I start at lv1 , exp x 1

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I read from somewhere that character start at lv110, exp x 1000
but no my newbie character start at lv 1 and when I killed lv3 monster nearby I get 3% exp at lv1 (from 0% exp) and when I killed lv4 monster I get to 7.7% exp at lv1.

Is it normal?

By the way I download PW client from this website and just click start.bat (It's update in client)

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You should kill the bunnies (sadly  >:D ) to level up !

Edit: You should say your nickname so i can help you :)
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yea bunnies from where u started. u will be lvl 110 in 5 min

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The bunnies also give you a fair amount of SP--enough to get you most of your skills, if not all.
Just follow the arrows on the ground, and cold-heartedly murder those innocent, fluffy, cute, lovely little bunnies.
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Thank you (First I don't wanna kill that cute bunnies so I look for ugly tree, etc. instead)


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welcome :D
it's so much easier to level now with x1000 exp so good luck and have fun :D  this server is good both PVE and PVP so you'll have a blast i'm sure. :D
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Welcome to EPW.

I'd start here:
Cuddlebutt's Beginner Guide
Then go to here: Guide to Guides

Also drop into the in game support room for further assistance. You will find GMs and Support Members in there.

Enjoy your time here ^_^

♥ Love and will miss you guys ♥
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