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Veno or Archer?


I have those 2 lvl 150 r8 chars, a veno and an archer. Problem is I like them both but I should choose 1 "main" to play, or at least to start putting better gears on. I will not sell the gears of the other char, and I will probably continue to play them both, I just want to focus on one for now. So, which one do you think is better for PVP/TW/Random stuff etc.? And why? Are there any links of useful guides to veno/archer pvp that you could give me?

Thank you all.

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This is the only veno guide I know here

And it all depends on what role you want to play and which class you like playing as.

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go with seeker

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It really depends on your play style, ultimately. Veno can be pretty beastly if you gear it up properly, but the same with an archer. Just decide on what you'd like to do more.

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which one do you think is better for PVP/TW/Random stuff
ofc if its channel type :normal-36:


I like them both, that's why I can't decide xD. Which are the pros and cons of each class btw?

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Veno has greater survability, that's for sure, but EA deals more damage imo.
Veno has good CC since she has her pet with a lot of stuns and so on + her stun, while EA depends on square formation if ct, stunning arrow that can miss, whisper shot and so on..for seal
Veno has the ability to nova and also seal/freeze, while EA can use condor(if sage) or bloodvow
veno has fox form increasing speed + defence, ea has leaps, wings and stealth + ability to get full chi insta
veno has the chance to 0 def(if demon, not 0 def , but close to it, w.e) and to reduce wood defence , bleed and so on the target, EA has skill to reduce damage taken
veno it's usefull in mass pk as CC, while a EA in mass pk, alone, is sad, in groups, is deadly.
Depends on your playstyle, i prefer EA since AA'ing it's easier, and in mass pk, panic wings and ig is easy.

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"Depends on your playstyle, i prefer EA since AA'ing it's easier, and in mass pk, panic wings and ig is easy" hello artifex signature move
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I'm biased.  So naturally I'm going to say archer.

BUT, that's a question that no one can really answer but you.  If you must, write down all the pros and cons of each class, and then look at the list.  If one class has more pros, go with that one.

It is VERY possible, however, to get sick of playing a certain class, so I'd gear em both up equally.  I know I tend to switch between archer and mystic.

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are you good? wf
are you bad? ea

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Archer: damage dealer, unfortunetly very little tank potential. Gotta be good at suriving, running and doing good damage
Veno: in mass pk you'll mostly be wanted for purging and damage amping, and it is relatively tough to build one up to take a hit and do good damage.
So for acrcher disadvantages are it's squishness and you gotta run a lot but advantagess well as it not being very flexable class in terms of stating. Good part is there are many different ways to play one that you can work with and it's really fun
For veno disadvantage is you'll mostly be expected to camp fox form and purge and and its hard (least in my opinion) to build one that can both deal good damage and tank. Advantages are it can tank and deal damage once it's built and you never have to worry about your opponents buffs being in the way. Also most factions always looking for venos

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"Depends on your playstyle, i prefer EA since AA'ing it's easier, and in mass pk, panic wings and ig is easy" hello artifex signature move

Hypocrisy at its best.

Anyway, pretty much what Seby said.

A venomancer has more of a role in mass pk, and can play pretty good squadless, an archer squadless with no one to AA, well...that's another case xD

Venomancer's job is a bit more complicated than ea's, basicly just harass the harassers(wrs) and cc with nova occasional DDing. EAs are primary DD's along with mgs and psychics. As an archer, as soon as you target somebody they will have two choices 1) Run the *** out. 2) Immunity buff. Because you'll hit (ofcourse if geared well) like a truck.

Both classes given the ability to increase speed (demon wfs mostly) are the perfect kiters and they excel at it, your chance to survive on either of them is mostly by running while wf has more immunity chains and reduced damage taken skills, it still is pretty squishy in human form.

I play both, enjoy both, so I'd say build both. But ofcourse, if you want to focus on one first my advice would be EA since it is a little bit less complicated, then wf.
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are you good? wf
are you bad? ea

I feel like this is kinda accurate.

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Veno is the most universal class in game, the most lethal and simply the best. I would play one myself if only venos could be males :c

Best player on server (most likely worldwide too) plays veno, so yeah :c

But archer can also be fun :c just not as much as veno :c

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wf is useful in mass pk, its hard to play it right
wf is good in 1v1's, easy to play right
ea is best mass pk DD, easy to be useful + survive
ea is good in 1v1's, hard to play it right
make your choice alone now based on what u like