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My last video for some time, thanks to all memebers who played with us, looking foward for our comeback  :normal-1:
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This is last demonstration of Xpendable's total domination of the EpicPW.

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"Heroes are remembered. Legends never die."

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God Nigt Xpendable

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staySTRONG all

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LOL. Good Job R-E-J-E-C-T-E-D, Hopefully to see you in some days. :normal-2: :normal-36:

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  • blessed be the boys time can't capture

P.S. I am best player in the universe xD

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Bye Xpen aw, see you all soon!

There's nobody better.

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stay strong all

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-Waves- Bye for now!

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You deserve recognition because Crystals are so hard. c:

Just kidding, goodbye.


jedi govna, Pedja pederu  :normal-46:

was fun playing with ya'll. See you sooner or later

as I said once, Xpendable-ultimate home of STUPIDS

p.s. don't moderate my post, we're all :3 and stupid together. It's a compliment.