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Can't move when opening a second client

Offline Ryuki

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Hello and I've been having a problem where I can't move my character with WASD keys when I open a second client (it only happens to the account logged in on that client). Spacebar flying up or using arrow keys doesn't work either, but the first client I open works just fine.

I redownloaded the game several times and verified to fix it, but neither resulted solving the issue.
Any ideas as to what might cause this and how to fix it?

Offline Odna

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Try playing in windowed mode
hell yea

Offline Steroids

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Try playing in windowed mode
Try this.

I used to have problem with Full Screen mode as well. And, if you're saying that it's too small, go to Settings -> System and change "Res." to "User". Then just drag your window to make it bigger. I know it doesn't cover the whole screen but close enough.