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Leveling Rewards Bug

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Hello i would just like to address an issue about the leveling rewards. The rewards for Arcane Sky and Mirage Sky completion seems to be bugged when you finished taking the quest pre150.  It's already gone when i hit 150 with just the demonic weapon token only appearing.  This has happened already to two of my characters. I would like to submit a screenshot but I don't know how to open the Rewards tab.

Kindly check and if possible, retrieve my Nuema/Bloods rewards back.  Thanks a lot. :)

P.S.:  If anyone knows how to open the rewards tab, please reply to the thread.
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Offline Ormin

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I don't know how to open rewards tag either.
And I also lost Arcane and Mirage Sky rewards on several toons because of finishing it before level 150.
I think (guestimate) it was on 5 or 6 toons, out of current 11.

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Yeah, it's a bug and Agatio said it'll be fixed with the coming patch. And as far as I know, there is no way of opening the rewards interface. Unless you're below level 150.