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Greetings everyone 8)

All level's are welcome to join Apollyon.

There's only a few rules which are as follows...

1. Respect all member's.
2. NO begging please.
3. NO spam in faction chat.
4. MUST do faction base quests.
5. NO scamming.
6. NO pking other member's.

we do as follows

1. PK
2. 1v1
3. world boss
4. faction base quests (A must)
5. event's etc.

I'll be adding faction event's and will be GREAT prizes! (in the near future).

you can also reach me ingame xLuciferx.


all levels & classes welcome, we do BH NW TW DS PvP PK PvE FBQ etc etc.

a few rules, No fighting in faction, No pking other members, most of all?
Have FUN!

Sign up at http://aetherr.shivtr.com/

whisper me ingame or Rosalita to join :)

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Good luck with your faction.

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Is  really hard to start a new guild this days, but anyways gdluck

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