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New Player :)

 Blah forgive me if there is a section for this. I am almost done downloading and am very very excited to join your community. I have been reading some post and it seems there are a lot of nice people here. I Look forward to seeing you all in game :).  Hope this server has a lively community  ;D

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yup we have lots of nice players

and also we have a block option that was fixed by Agatio and works perfectly

so welcome :normal-4:

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Welcome (not ingame atm) see yo someday  >:D
Im Liquidstep and you may see  me at NS

Favorit place to  Chill there.

Chillstep - 150(sin)
Liquidstep - 150(Archer)
SlushyStep -  150(Mystic)
DreamStep - 150(cleric)
ChillyStepZ - 150(wiz)

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Whalecum !!!  ;D ;D
150 R8 barb tanker_
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150 R8 Barb Bangzas

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Welcome to EPW.
I do hope you enjoy your time here, don't let the few bad apples we have here spoil your appetite to be here.
If you have any questions, we have some great guides on the forums. And also very knowledgeable players.
Happy gaming!
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Welcome to epic :)

As spicy said check our forum guides section to know more about in game events etc., or check for chat room EPWsupport which our GMs create to help us players with in game queries and support..

Hope you enjoy here.. have a nice day happy gaming
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happy gaming, have a nice time both in game and in real life :)

PS: Like Insanity's ornaments of magic dmg red/def lvls

 Wow thank you alll so much ! name is Serenitymoon in game my Mystic lvl 110 and I am LOVING  this Server.

 Thank you for the warm welcomes :)

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At lvl 110 find nearest God's Giving and take quest Speed Things Up.
No need to combine shards for it, Jewelcraftsman sell them in tab Shards.
The quest gives 25 mill XP and 5 mill SP, daily.
Still useful at 130+, maybe even 140+.

BTW, browse what God's Giving has to offer.
Get some Mirage Celestones to feed your flight, and Perfect Stones to feed Genie.
Get lot of Guardian scrolls and Crab Meat Jiaozi. :)

One solo PV run (Phoenix Valley) gives about 11 mill coin.

Also, go to General Summer's yard (southwest Archosaur) and browse forges.
There are forges at many other locations, but these are nicely placed.

Another thing: there will be several people to take you to level in FC
(Frost Teleport in blue section at Illusion Stone), and want you to keep
FC drops to use them at Martial Arts Master for even more XP.
I'm the first one to search for you in game and offer you FC with my seeker or sin.

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welcome feel free to pm me in game

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welcome to EPW, Sailor Moon :normal-3:

we really need more magical girls here :normal-3:
AngeliqMyst - Sage Mystic


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Welcome to EPW ^_^

As mentioned, our guides section is the place to start.

Feel free to contact staff, supports or visit the in-game support room if you require any assistance.

Hope you enjoy your time here.

♥ Love and will miss you guys ♥
Resigned to start playing real life c: