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Hey Guys n Gals, Ive ended up with quite a few S class avatars and i keep having a reasonably steady flow of them, so i thought i'd open a shop on here so ya'll can buy em easier. The prices (From what i have seen) Are quite a bit cheaper than usual, For instance ''Grand Wizard Tensa'' which is usually sold for 150ec+ I sell for 90ec. you get the idea.

I wont list all of the avatars here just the ones that seem to be most requested.

The Below Avatars Cost 90EC Each :

The Below Avatars Cost 250EC Each :

The Below Avatars Cost 80EC Each :

The Below Avatars Cost 60EC Each :

Ofcourse i do sell many other S. Rank avatars however linking them all would be a pain in a the butt, :D just message me about a particular one and i will see if i have it/can get a hold of it for u.

Feel free to contact me on here or ingame either by pm/mail :) Thankyou.

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Thanks to all that bought avatars today! Sold a total of 39/78 So that was great! Re-filling tonight also so don't worry :D thanks!


Shop is closed XD sold a total of 121 avatars over last 2 days and hope that the avatar prices in general ingame will drop drestically (since today i saw people competing with me in prices, going as low as 75EC for Saki/Tensa/Jane the harper ETC) :D Glad it made an impact but the constant selling takes up a lot of my time so i wont be restocking anymore. I do however have 7 Radiances, 4 janes, 2 sakis, 3 yi the mighty wing, 7 general chung, 3 len the arbors and lots more. For the ones listed above i will gladly sell at the VERY MODEST. Price of 30 EC Each. IKR 30 EC? ;) And for the other random S ranks it'll cost you only 5 ec each. help me clear out my bag :( got 221 avatars left..

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if u got holeen just pm me forum or in game!!


Sold all the commonly known ones xD nothing that pro left. But have 50 S rank avatars seling 5 ec each just trade me n i randomly give 1 lol too lazy to look at em


SHOP CLOSED --------------------------------------------------------- THANKS ALL -------------------------------------