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Pedja vs Savi, Alpha wrs

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Posting for Pedja, because he is bad. Enjoy.  :normal-4:

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No stun 1v1 or fear

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nice vid

savi scares me

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Strong wrs good video


strong performance from xXx_P3dja_xXx gave up wb from losing to xXx_WreckinEasies_xXx 420-0 so log on warrior and stepping up the ladders and strengthening his valor. soon P3dja420 destroy emo warriors like insanity and silence bring new era of WR dontWeak getStrong WorkOutWholeDay360Swag

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Good video, strong performance.

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Good performance , nice video
May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't

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Strong wrs great footage/

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Wow, you actually used one of my absolute favourite songs.  :tiger-4:
“Everything must be equal in your eyes, good and evil, beautiful and ugly, foolish and wise.”
- Michael Ende, The Neverending Story


wow lol headstrong is it 2001 again

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Pedja vs Savi, Alpha wrs

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I used to love this song, so goooooddddddddddddddddddd.  :police: :police: :police: :police:
clash of the omegas

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Hows this music cals i want to get it and listen more often

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Hows this music cals i want to get it and listen more often

Nice video.  :-X