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Not making much videos too seriously lately, since i barley got time to even bother, but here's one random pk, with 0 edit skills(since i was lazy, black ftw). Although i ran out of titles too, Chicken is the only thing that hits up... soo ya..
P.S we lost that pk, though it was fun, enjoy  :normal-1:

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Good mage and only worth ;)


good video , godo pk  GF :)


Really enjoyed that PK, good video.

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i like ur gameplay sabita  :P
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looks like fun x.x missed it unfortunately :(

i liked the music alot ;o good job.



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awesome vid, really good mg too
ty for sharing
hell yea

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Sad mg sad gameplay bad music bad video  :normal-37:
Nea: this is proof of my power abuse mwahaha
proof of how noob u are

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Made in China pk.

But still ...

Sab you is master Mage


 :monkey-3: :monkey-3: :monkey-3:

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good gameplay best title

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u are bad go back to study noob.
i enjoy just music.
joke tehehhehehe good video sab

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Aw I missed this, bad video anyway Sab.

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lol baddie mage

good vid bro , was fun pk , better then the usual 50vs50 's when my fps is 1 -.-

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Nice Video Sir

Baddie Mage (: