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Peace on EPW

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A peacefull day on EPW ...

When enemy's become allies ... and everyone hangs our doing GBQ together LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

No this wasn't a joke.

If you all wondered how this eventually mass PK started, it was by me and PinkPanda simply having fun on our archers , we were 2vs5ing  randoms ..and well it just kept growing up , and people keep joining , untill it was mass PK against Aeons , Alamat, Akatsuki , D.Return and S.Korea ..And it lasted arround 4hours...

Was still alot fun , was abit messy at start tho.

Special ty to PinkPanda for draging me out and started the PK  8)

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GG op pk, Pedja best pantless wr xDDDDDDDDDD

and Shortie with that nicki minaj booty LOL! was fun pk

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very cute, artifex and xp will make an adorable couple :) best of luck

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 I hate you guys wtf
Stupid screenshots... exposing me and shiz dayum LOL  :sad:

Except cassie <3
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J.  ♥

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Nea: this is proof of my power abuse mwahaha
proof of how noob u are
insanity? kick these noobs please  :pig-2: :pig-9:
but for real we should do that vs holy asian alliance of 100 people

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Where ally?

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Wow who's that r0ndom who wants to be Ducks one day?

Ain't spartan enough my son.
♡ 18.03.2011 ♡

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Thanks for the IGs XP :normal-50:

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Thanks for the IGs XP :normal-50:

You sig is so saaad LOL

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happy peace day :normal-8: :normal-8:

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