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Watch this It may be humbling from start to finish no skipping or it wont do it justice

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A few points I need to question about this video.

The collapse of that building is very strongly put forward as evidence for the problems with the official narrative.  It claims it was a coverup, but does not include what was covered up, why it was covered up, or most notably, what the official explanation was. It doesn't provide any evidence, it's just a vague claim designed to create sympathy for their view.

Just because there are inconsistencies and/or plain lies in the official response doesn't mean that a random alternate theory is automatically correct or fact. This particular logical fallacy is very common in this group.

I also find that these people will often take all this "evidence" against the official story at face value. Just because some claim agrees with what they think and is not from an "official" source doesn't mean that it's automatically reliable.

Another one-sided claim in this video is how people who call others conspiracy theorists are using ad hominem  arguments. While this is true it's also deceiving. In my personal experience those people who would be called conspiracy theorists are very fond of the term "Sheep" or telling others to "Wake up!". They assume superiority and exempt their claims from the burden of proof just because they differ from the mainstream view. Claims which in many cases don't stand up to scrutiny and are proven false. (Of course any proof coming from a source they dislike is automatically evidence of a cover up too!)

If you re truelly skeptical, ask yourself why most people regard conspiracy theorists as idiots / strange and/or not worth listening to. 
In my personal experience, in many cases, it's because they simply aren't worth listening to. They make wild claims, with little to no evidence and they automatically assume that anyone who disagrees is a sheep who's refusing to wake up. They will disregard any counter evidence by the source it's from rather than the merit of the claim itself. Which is exactly the same thing this video points out as a fallacy in arguments used against them.

In short,as the video says, questioning certain things doesn't make you a skeptic. Questioning everything does. The video makes this point very clear about the non-conspiracy theorists and ironically completely misses this in the so called skeptics, the creator included.