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I've already completed the panda chain quest yet still i cant buy the skill http://prntscr.com/3ihyd1

and also this 1 http://prntscr.com/3ihyyl I've already given some duty badge to enter happy valley yet still the npc just takes it away...

and is there a way to reset or to reawaken my character although im already at lv 139... 

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Have you learned the normal Sage True Form?
The order is True Form level 3 > Sage True Form > Sage True Form Mighty > Panda Form Sage
Scroll down in the boutique to find the Sage True Form book.

As for entering GV, you need 2 people to open it. You shouldn't need an item to get into GV, only to start the quest inside, which is done with Rebirth orders, I believe (long time since I did one). I thought Duty Badges were for Cube only.

Reawakening is disabled on this server.

Hope that all helps.

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panda is done yipee =D thank you

happy vally is still my problem >_<