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With all of the access to movies these days -- cable, tv, on demand, Netflix, online, etc., etc.  :pig-32: -- I was thinking it'd be a good idea to ask all of EPW's community/members to post a list of their favorite(s), "must see" (or "worth watching") movies...   :pig-25:

I'm sure we all have free time for flicks and aren't always sure what movies to invest that free time on watching.  :pig-17: :pig-43: :pig-39:

So maybe you guys can post some suggestions and break your lists down into these categories (feel free to post by genre or make up your own categories):

- "Must See"  :pig-15:

- "Definitely Worth Watching"  :pig-25:

- "NOT worth watching"  :pig-24: :pig-28:

Many thanks in advance for all of your input/ideas/suggestions.  And feel free to post any reasons or comments next to each movie title. :pig-40:

P.S.  Think "my personal preference(s)" when posting... Thanks!
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Whenever someone tells me to list my favourites, I go blank :|

The one movie that I remember is "Now you see me" and I hope it has a sequel.

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Whenever someone tells me to list my favourites, I go blank :|

The one movie that I remember is "Now you see me" and I hope it has a sequel.

Interesting, that one is on my DVR!  I've not seen not yet....  

How was it / what did you think of it?
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Must see:

V For Vendetta
Captain Phillips
The Shawshank Redemption
The Dark Knight

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I just can't

so many movies come to mind and then I'm afraid I'll forget anything and my mind does BOOOOM!

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I'm not much of a movie guy but...
V for Vendetta is a must see
Hang Over 1 & 2 Worth watching (3 was boring :/)
Not worth watching? Twilight ofc. :P

And if you want a series, Breaking Bad. 10/10, watched all seasons 3 times

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Must see:

V For Vendetta
Captain Phillips
The Shawshank Redemption
The Dark Knight
Shawshank was cool.

I'm not much of a movie guy but...
V for Vendetta is a must see
Hang Over 1 & 2 Worth watching (3 was boring :/)
Not worth watching? Twilight ofc. :P

And if you want a series, Breaking Bad. 10/10, watched all seasons 3 times
And as far as series go, Modern Sherlock, Lie to me and Game of Thrones ftw.

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must see?
movie :

Bridge To Terabithia
A.I Artificial Intelligence
Titanic (much cry q.q)
How to Train Your Dragon (waiting on 2nd)
Upside Down (veri nice fantasy and romance movie)
Pitch Perfect
Final Destination
Beautiful Creatures

Anime movie :

Wolf Children
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
From Up on Poppy Hill
5 Centimeters Per Second
My Neighbor Totoro
Princess Mononoke
Spirited Away
The Secret World of Arrietty
Summer Wars
The Place Promised in Our Early Days
Children Who Chase Lost Voices
Sword of the Stranger
Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part I: Beginnings
Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part II: Eternal
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (yes we all watched it)

worth watching?
same as above, seriously!

trash movie?
i dont hate any, all good c:

yes ik i luv anime

wanted to put yaoi but
ban hammer scary :c
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- "Must See"
The Godfather
Forrest Gump
Fight Club
300 - Outcasts #1
Lord of the RIngs trilogy
Starwars first trilogy
The Pianist
The Matrix
saving private ryan
Back to the Future series
Face Off
Ran - japan film about a warlord's Sons fighting over inherited land/titles
Die Hard series

- "Definitely Worth Watching" 
White House Down
Enemies at the Gate
American Beauty
the departed - chinese version much version if you ask me
City of Angels
the Sixth Sense
A Beautiful Mind
Million Dollar Baby
Twelve Monkeys
Water world
terminator series
rocky series
The Truman Show
the notebook
the vow
jurassic park
the postman
con air
dumb and dumber original film
american pie series
stuck in love
the terminal
50 first dates
40 year old virgin
hangover series
something about marry
notting hill

many more i can't remember

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Cloud Atlas was the most memorable movie I've watched recently. (The only really memorable one too, I guess.)

All the recent superhero movies are pretty decent, fancy eye candy pretty much. Captain America, Avengers, Iron Man, Thor etc. Not much in the way of story though. The Dark Knight movies are also pretty good. Bit better on the story imo.
With the exception of Thor: The Dark World, I'd rate that one as not worth watching. The story is so bad even all the shiny effects can't fix that one.

As for not quite as recent movies there's so many it'd work better if this thread was divided by genres.

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Movies i liked - preference may differ from person to person so will just categorize them on genres.. check on wiki or imdb for info and ratings and see if you like them thank you..


Dark knight series (1[batman begins],2 and 3)
Jurassic Park series
The Matrix series
Lord of the ring series
The Hobbit series
Pirates of the Caribbean series
X-men series
Star War series
Terminator series
Spider Man series
Harry potter series
Underworld series
Transformer series
The Mummy series
Planet of the apes series
John Carter
Hulk series
The One
Twilight series
Forbidden Kingdom
Journey to series (center of earth and mysterious island)
Spy kids series
Percy Jackson series
Back to the future series
Narnia series


The Shrek series
The Madagascar series
Ice Age series
Kungfu Panda series
How to train your dragon
the incredible s
The road to eldarado


Ocean's series(11,12,13)
Italian Job
Pay Check
Sherlock Holmes series
The negotiator
Now you see me
the adjustment bureau
National Treasure series
Independence Day
Mission Impossible series
Rambo series
Lethal weapon series
Die Hard series
The Bourne series
Jame Bond movies
Iron Man series
the warriors way
Death race series
Taken series
Face off
21 casinos
Enemy of the state
the illusionist
Scary Movie series
Double team
Blood sport
District 13 series
Street Dance series
Real steel
mr and mrs smith

War theme:

the last samurai


Dunston checks in
Baby's day out
Home Alone series
Dalmatians series
Richie rich
Sky high
The game plan


Evil Dead series
Amity ville horror
The ring series
The Bone collector


Shashank redemption
Rocky series
The boondocks saints
The pirates of silicon valley
the karate kid
coach carter
Around the world in 80 days
A walk to remember
Scorpion king
down periscope
meet the parents
diary of a wimpy kid series
leap year
blast from past
My super ex girlfriend
ghosts from girlfriend's past
the core
Encino man
the island
the girl next door
harold and kumar series
no strings attached
friends with benefits
she's out of my league
take me home tonight
perfect stranger
pretty woman
school for scoundrels
the new guy
up in the air

that is all i could remember for now.. will update more when i get my external hard disks from friends / relatives..

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Wow!  Awesome lists!

Keep 'em coming, guys!  :normal-25:

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Here are the movies that I enjoyed watching.
Random order, just a stream of conciousness:)
I would not watch any trailers or you kill the movies.

Martyrs (heavy horror)
Taken 1 (action)
Undisputed 2 (action-fight)
Ong Bak 1 (action-fight)
Paranormal Activity 1 (horror)
I Spit on your Grave (1978-heavy horror)
Kung Fu Hustler, (action-comedy-fighting)
Life is Beautiful (comedy-life)
They Live (action-fiction)
Truman Show (fiction-comedy)
Kiss of the Dragon (action-fight)
District 9 (fiction)
Independance Day (fiction)
Welcome to the Jungle (action-comedy)
Crank 1,2 (action)
Kick Ass 1,2 (teen comedy)
Homefront (action)
Walking Tall (action)
Cabin in the Woods (horror-comedy)
Mama (horror)
Meet my Parents (comedy)
Avatar (fiction)
Hostel (horror)
Eagle Eye (action-fiction)
Rise of the Planet of the Apes (fiction-action)
Van Helsing (fiction)
Hansel and Gretel (fiction)
Thats what I Am (life)
Crash (life)
The Art of Getting By (comedy-life-teen)
Thrive (documentary)
Revolution 2012 (documentary)
Lord of the Rings 1,2,3 (fiction)
Hobbit 1 (fiction)
Kids (life-teen)
City of God (life-teen)
Tangled (animation)
Amelie (comedy)
The Amazing Spiderman (fiction-hollywood)
Shawn of the Dead (comedy-horror)
Speed 1,2 (action)
Let the Right one In (Scandinavian version  horror)
The Girl Next Door (horror 2007 heavy)
Bad Boys (action-comedy)
Die Hard (action-comedy)
Men in Black 1,2 (fiction)
Jumper (action-fiction)
Drive (action)
Scary Movie 2 (comedy)
Pump the Iron (documentary- sports)
Bigger, Stronger, Faster (documentary- sports)
Smashing Machine (documentary- sports)
Alliens vs. Predators (fiction)
Damage (action)
Zombieland (horror-comedy-teen)
Once (romance-life)
The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo (action)
Leon the Professional (action)
Detachment (life)
Hot Coffee (documentary)
Limitless (action)
White Noise (horror)
Braindead (horror-comedy)
Green Lantern (fiction-hollywood)
Transporter 1,2 (action)
We are the Millers (comedy)
Big Fish (life, adventure)
Superbad (comedy-teen)
300 (action)
The Conjuring (horror)
Insidious 1 (horror)
The Hauning in Connecticut (horror)
The Hills have Eyes 1,2 (horror)
Drag me to Hell (horror)
Sin City (action-fiction)
Hotel Rwanda (life-action-drama)
Apocalypto (action-adventure)

Should be enough for now.

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Find myself just sitting here, looking at everyone's lists, going:
'seen it'
'seen it'
'seen it'
'seen it'
'seen it'
'seen it'
'seen it'
'seen it'

And now I feel conflicted as to whether having seen that many movies was a productive use of my time.

Anyway, this list is pro:

All awesome recommendations and basically a bucket list for movies. Not much more I would add to my own list, except maybe a few from Apawolla's list. However, I have never been a horror fan. I've never really enjoyed scaring myself. Some people do it for the thrill and adrenalin kick I guess, but I'd rather skydive or ride rollercoasters than have trouble sleeping at night.

Should totes add Howl's Moving Castle to your already awesome list. Hate to jump on the anime bandwagon, but pretty much anything from Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki is worth seeing.

And Disney. All of Disney. Everything. Including all of Pixar. Not ashamed to say I cried in Toy Story 3.

Best recent movie I have seen? Pitch Perfect. Music is my passion, as well as singing, even though I am average at it. I would give anything for a better voice. But I mean real music, using your voice as an instrument, it is so powerful. Also men singing bass is a panty dropper. The start of Right Round from the Treblemakers is eargasmic and even more amazing being all a cappella.

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