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Hi, this might sound weird but can you start removing mobs from frequented PvP places to reduce lag/effects/etc? Like the sword thingy guys at Sirry that are southeast and southwest don't really have any use, do they? And the same of ToA further north. And south of Angler's Village all the way down to Allies Camp.

Basically can you just remove some mobs so there are less annoyances in PvP? I feel like it'd be a huge improvement to how things are currently, even if it is such a small change.
A lot of them remove people from sleep if they attack, which is annoying qq.

And if you can't totally remove them (like I know MQ mobs are mobs that are outside west, but they are also off to the side in South) can they be moved elsewhere or something '-'.

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yes very annoying so many mobs at west also ...

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Same for the Venomous Ghouls at west please ...

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I don't think it will happen. But +1

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Monsters have minimal impact on fps and I can guarantee you that removing few mobs while having 100 players around that are taking actively taking part in PK wouldn't make slightest difference in fps.
If mobs annoy you there's Etherblade or Plume area where they are non-aggressive...


It's not just about effects and FPS. If they do aggro they interrupt signets and put you in combat mode so you can't take them anyway. Venomous Ghouls, like Pedro brought up, put a DoT on you so you can't accept signets for like 30 seconds... it's ridiculous.

Also, a lot of times when they do aggro they interrupt skills by ticking Arcane Defense. I've lept into mobs before just to get knocked back by proc. It's not a frequent occurrence but considering nobody actually needs the ghouls or dryads, I don't think they should be there. It would make a huge difference for everyone to take out unneeded mobs

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I'd like to not have my soul of stunning removed by mobs everywhere I go.  That'd be great thanks :(

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Don't think it's all that needed but it wouldn't hurt anything so why not, if the gn's are willing to put in the efford to make it happen.


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I'd like to not have my soul of stunning removed by mobs everywhere I go.  That'd be great thanks :(


that's pretty much the only downfall to mobs for me atm. Throw up SoS, nek minit .. MOBS POP-D MY STUN!!

if possible make all or most mobs in SP/west/sirry etc.. non aggressive plox.
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Also sometimes you go back to signet and all mobs agro on you, wasting like 30 seconds to kill the mobs and get out of combat.
hell yea


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top server problems  :P
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Logically, the only enemy you would have to remove would be the Venomous Ghouls, but at the same time, with the monsters gone, the magnitude of lag would increase, just as Agaito said. So I would have to +1 the ghouls being removed. I make it a habit to annihilate any ghouls around the battleground, but I'm only one person with limited AoE's, I can't kill them all. Besides that, the ghouls and I have some bad blood. XD

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+1. The 'poison' they add, for 30 seconds, is totally annoying...