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Xpendable vs Artifex at DT 6/5/14


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Noob winnered again
Sorry for wrong put site at last. :smiley:
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teheehhehehe king music . :smiley:
nice video


good video good mage

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 :)) :))
ASURA is never die...;a;

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God lvl mage!!! Asura the almighty king of Korea! They surely felt pain but I don't know if they accepted true.  :-X


-inhales cannabis fumes- lel this video was le carnage gg pro gaming MLG. gg signet. gg enemy noob. gg killed player gg. calm down dontTense dontFurious xXx_Xp3nd4bL3-OpT!cZ360$wAg_xXx putting those filthy casuals into place top kek

On a serious euphorical note (I'm a proud Atheist, silly plebian. Get mad.)

To all the cute in-real-life female slave gamer girl healers with boobies, I have a special chivalrous message to brighten thy souls. Do not let the alpha dominant stud males push you over like some type of smash-n-trash piece of meat. There will always be that nice-guy wearing a trenchcoat (Which is me. I am also an avid My Little Pony fan & anime cosplayer. Ladies get in line.) that will always savor a tip of the fedora to thee, my sweet maiden.

I tip my hat to you, m'ladies.

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Good video, good mg.

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looooooooooooooooooooooool man u just dont need ep
 immortal ! :normal-26:
nice vid korean brother

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Had fun doing ice prisons and throwing black ice dragon strikes  ;D
Would be more fun if there was more challenge  :police:

king vid from king mg, keep it up  :normal-42:
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Nice video, nice music, was fun

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너는 여성의 노래를 좋아한다  :normal-37:

Good video, friend.  :police:


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너는 여성의 노래를 좋아한다  :normal-37:

Good video, friend.  :police:
of course

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nice vid... MNE TIME LOL