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Account hacking IMPORTANT

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I voted for cubi like every day... Clicked voting site 1 and got notice that "page is reported as hacking site" I never had thing like that.. And havent changed anything at my settings..  ???

Same thing happened to me today. I made a post about it

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i didnt even go to them when the site was down i stayed on my phone because luckily it worked this time around... im sorry u lost ur account if u had to type anything in to vote it shouldnt have been trusted..
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Now what did we learn from this?

Stop being a noob and listening to people in World Chat about 3rd Party Sites.
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I Went To that site before anybody said not too, ijs. and i wasnt getting the cubi from the regular voting site, so i thought it was a new site. , and who da fuq aare you vaine? =o
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