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Seal: Canyon title

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where is that three-leggen vessel? :-[ :'(

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any1 can help me pls cant walk throw the quest im stck about 25min. :-[

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313 945, dig 'Place of Icy Artifact' to summon the boss

Edit: I need to recheck first. But it definitely one of the three crystals around the final seal at (915 946).

Edit2: It should technically be (918 945), dig "Place of Armor" (looks like a crystal). I did not personally confirm the respawn time of the dig site in either pwi or epw (which is supposed to be 10mins, according to pwdb and from a pwru guide)
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2. Seal: Canyon

a - Teleport to Avalanche village to get the seal.
b - Kill 'Gothe' and collect 25 bones from them (u can find them south and east of avalanche village) [Bone Collector](+12 evasion)
c - Go to 316 946 for the next part of the quest. Kill the 'Three-Legged Vessel: General' after digging a crystal at same location (10 min respawn). [Bladeslinger](+3 phy-att)
d - Go to 361 981 (25) to pick up the next quest. Find the Icy Weapons: Dagger (365 981), Needling (327 978), Hammer (324 970), Crossbow (352 932). [Arctic Archaeologist](+9 phy-def)
e - Go to 313 945. Kill the 'Three-legged Vessel: Icy Beast' after digging a crystal at the same location (10 min respawn). [Beast Butcher](+20 accuracy)
f - To start the next quest, go to 305 912, (or 315 913, 323 916, 331 919, 337 921). Collect 25 Icy Armor from 'Nivastok Brave's. [Bravery Basher](+5 mag-att)
g - Go to 318 944. Kill the 'Three-legged Vessel: Warrior' after digging a crystal at the same location (10 min respawn). [Striker](+5 mag-att)
h - Side-Challenge: Go to 352 940 for the next part. Kill Deiciter White at the same location (Mini World Boss)[Anti Romantic](+12 evasion)
i - Break the Seal of Avalanche Canyon (315 946) (available between 17:00 - 23:59 and 00:01 - 08:30, server time). [Avalanche Canyon](+20 accuracy)

have inserted alphabets next to the steps to make it easier for me to explain your query..

As per the SS provided u got stuck @ step "g"

the spot is same for "c",  "e" and "g"..  there are three things to dig to make the mini boss appear for these three steps..

so if you completed "c" and "e".. dig the left over item on ground might be inside the hut thing.. and it will spawn the mini boss for step "g".. if still got doubt pm me on rishi in game or can ask other fellow gamers who would've have finished seal quest lines by now..happy gaming

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