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1v1 Series #2 feat. Doflamingo


Doflamingo for example is 100x better than me


Edit: I'd like to add that I really do think Doflamingo is a good player. It's pretty evident by the way he plays - comboing, leaping, tanking with smack/weapon throws/etc. He's not bad in any way. Also, this took place like 2-3 days ago
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Easied by valour mg
may be seen checking forums at times of boredom and nothingness to do


In other words he learned nothing.
This is just another way of 'getting the last word' for him.
Those of lesser intelligence tend to make up for it by stroking their fragile egos and convincing themselves they are great.
It's a sad cycle really, just drowning in denial.
Also, this took place like 2-3 days ago

I'd just procrastinated on uploading this.

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lol easied lol
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By 'you' I mean XP in general.
Because in general you all collectively behave the same way, the only exception being original HO members who actually make any difference in any guild.
both artifex and XP behave like that.

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King game play mage

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Keep these petty fights off the thread or one of us will just lock it.

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Cleaned** quit the raging
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I guess everyone was on my profile :$ 


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:normal-23: Best  :tiger-4: vid  :tiger-29: ever
pls :tiger-23: make :tiger-45: more :tiger-44:
marry  :monkey-8: me  :tiger-3: irl pls :monkey-23:

i approve of this thread,everyone in it and your entire life.


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Nice video, good gameplay