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Ancient Emblems with Supply Tokens cheaper.

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I saw on the forge few mins ago and came up with this idea. Can u reduce cost of Ancient Emblems with Supply Tokens cuz like really 8 ST's per 1 Ancient Emblem? If u do the math that's between 16-20EC per Emblem (depending on the price per ST between 2 and 2.5 ec each) and in boutique they are alot cheaper like 20 Silver per Emblem? which is 5 Emblems = 30 EC if 1 gold = 30 EC, 1 ec higher if 35 per Emblem

Can u make that Alternative way of getting Ancient Emblems like cheaper on the ST forge then it is now? Cuz i believe alot of people will agree when they read this post because there is really no real reason why ST's should be so expencive and at the same time why shouldn't they be "farmable" this way. (I say "farmable" because u actually gotta exchange ST's for them in order to get them, for people that might ask what i ment when i said it.)

Thank you for your time.

Offline Meese

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+1 I think Emblems are a more rare item to come by regardless, would be nice for it's forge price to be a bit lower.

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+1, it's like completely useless as it is now. Because nobody wants to pay so much for emblems.

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+1. They are way too expensive via Supply Tokens.

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+1. The price is too big for real..

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+1 agreed... Going by st vs ec 8 st is 16 ec.... But ppl sell from 5-9. Make them 3 st each on forge?

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+1 agreed... Going by st vs ec 8 st is 16 ec.... But ppl sell from 5-9. Make them 3 st each on forge?

+1 to the suggestion on making it exchange to 3 ST..

currently the issue hasn't raised more as many use alts during ares to farm their ancient emblems and donators use ec / buy from in game players.. but sellers are not easy to find always.. it would be nice if the exchange rate in forge is reduced as many players suggested above.. eagerly looking forward to GM / Aga's reply.. ty

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I support this idea.

My schedule doesn't allow me to do Ares anymore (the best way to get emblems besides with gold), and I have no desire to pay robbery prices for something that everyone needs, and thus won't sell often. 

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+1 to this.
But tbh, this is what is done with the event forge as well, the prices there of the items is double (in EC) as compared to the boutique prices. >.<
Maybe this is how they wanted it to be. But having that change would be good.
P.S. Some people might have their Emblem business ruined. :))
I have yet to sell my 3k emblems.  :'(
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