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Artifex vs T69 ?

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uhh, enjoy

Don't take the video too seriously friends
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why do you have keyclicks on. it's 2014. get with the times


pretty unimpressive gameplay tbh. you really didn't do much
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Don't take the video too seriously friends
You're funny , haha

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wait where t69 i only saw them for like 1 minute

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Them damn XP backstabbers
bad ea, bad squad leader, bad squad,terrible person, good pk.

just kidding love you babe.

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My team win

 :normal-3: :normal-3: :normal-4:

Nice video Brent!!!

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Sorry, but t69 still had a better video. :normal-4:

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Seems like I missed pk, wtf?  :normal-12:

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Nice Vid Brent :D i guess i missed it aswell :/

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Seems like I missed pk, wtf?  :normal-12:

Me too :(

GF, 2 clans vs 1 clan, still lose HAHA

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Not all that compelling

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Brent god of harddstyle xrdddd