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Quitting. -ThT_Sin


A lot of bs has been going on; I'm quitting EPW. Some of you won't care, some might. A good bit of this server hates me so I'd be doing good in a way. I won't give away toon, because of GM rules and what-not, if they do > I'll support with ID stone, dragon + user/pass to someone. Contest or bs..
Well, I have some stuff to give away. (SS)
  If you want some; just comment - I'll decide. Comment what item, and #1, or #2 of which person to post it - Dragon armor, accessories are mine for the keeping - If I give away, or come back.

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Can i have the pickaxe, sir ?

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Can i have the pickaxe, sir ?
No. You cannot.


I don't know if you'd gimme me if I ask coz u dont know me, but since you said comment here, i will xD

DS / Belt or good genie please.
It'll be beneficial since I am a sin too :)
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Well ill pretty much love to get those tele's, cause i depend mostly on vote gold and have to buy tele's each time i want an item, so those will help big time.

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Well, thanks for playing with us  ;)

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Those Excitement Cards lel

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qAq you're quitting?  :-[
Well, good luck and have fun wherever you go, I suppose.  :-[
It was really fun playing/chatting with you and stuff ;v;.
I'm terrible at farewells.

So, ehm, yeah. v.v
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Tome >.>? and charger orbs
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I was gonna ask for that DS neck, but instead, I wouldn't mind that seal of war.

And some EC's.

With that being said, I'm quite sad you're leaving.  We just now started talking.  Thanks for helping me with my WS belt. <3

Stay Classy.
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Gimme dat black cloud  :-* :-*

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Good luck in what ever you do from now and I'd like the black cloud.

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I'd like all ur coin (not ec) and #1

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Not asking for things, but I wish you the best, ThT. -Grim
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