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I Got naked with Kermit the frog because someone stole my taco.

Offline Btchpls

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I shot a glass of vodka because im sexy as ***

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I fucked a policeman because I'm awesome in bed.  :normal-2: :normal-13:

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  • Characters: Oleander
I cuddled with a condom because I'm sexy as ***

yea... :normal-3:

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"I ate my professor because the voices in my head said so."  ??? :shocked: >:D

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I fucked a policeman because I'm awesome in bed.  :normal-2: :normal-13:
im the police man.


you post way too much garbage

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i lick my boss because she look sexy aww!!

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I fcked a condom because the voices in my head said so

Offline ☣EvilEye23☣

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I wrestled a golf ball because a clown stole my taco.
 :-[ How quaint.
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I wrestled the toilet because I had one too many drinks  :-\
Those eyes, those eyes I'll always remember, the ones that lit the embers that destroyed the world I knew..

Offline Nicolle

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I wanted the toilet because I'm sexy as ***...

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I licked a hotdog because my boobs are AMAZING.
They call me Cinnamon Whip.

You don't want to exasperate GN Sleep  :pig-11: :pig-37:


I shot a porn star because I'm awesome in bed.

Apparently I replace porn stars now.  :-X

Offline Cristina

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" I made out with a bowl of French fries because my boobs are amazing "
What ..
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Mari is bae.
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