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New forum section.

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I'd like to suggest a new forum section.

Ingame politics.

This forum section would be dedicated purely to the ingame politics. Trashtalk, trolling allowed etc.
Any player who posts in the section is fair game as well as any faction, anyone who has never posted there is to be left alone.

To keep all that stuff out of the other sections where right now topics are being constantly derailed.
To give the community a place to talk game politics outside of worldchat without bothering those who don't care about it.
+1 you are actually smart

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quality thread

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+1. This would be awesome.

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The entertainment value.  I could only dream.  This should happen.

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BRILLIANT !! yes please it would be perfect !!
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+1, gms wouldnt have to lock threads cause of trashtalk if its a forum section. However if it a pk video you have to do it on this forum section right? cause most of that comes from the videos...roughly


+1 totally agree

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Also bring Apawolla animes back.


Yes. It would be entertaining for many to read and GMs don't even have to bother cleaning all that stuff. +

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+1 this is idea of strong
gm approve my post i need agree with alelna for once, we never see opportunity like this again. thank u
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doubt its gonna happen since its going against so many rules + there are "some" that would be camping those threads 24/7. And yea a trash talk thread doesnt mean u wont get banned for insulting someone or doing other stuff that is bannable.


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As entertaining as that may be, it won't solve what you are hoping to solve.

Most thread gets derailed slowly from the OP, to whatever fac. v fac. or 1v1 drama, bullshit, etc. it can be stretched out to.
 I.E, pvp video thread as most cases will end up with arguments and insults caused by one side giving random excuse for their loss or due to the other side gloating too much.  The trash talks won't really crossover to the new section as it'll still be relevant to the video to some extent and people will continue to post on the thread as they do now.

Same with trolling, most trolling starts with some smart ass taking someone else's suggestion or statement too literally and/or with a narrow mind. That wont stop, as people will continue to post their opinions and what not which others will see fit to mock on the same thread rather than on a separate thread or section where you are allowed to troll or w/e.

It'll certainly be entertaining and whatnot but the issues that exist now will remain the same.

At-least that's what i think o.o


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if we are allowed to rlly trash talk and go deep i +1 if this is going to be a carebear section ne

if i can't say this guys is ful virgin with out edits neee